How Much Should You Tip Your Barber? - Dos and Don'ts

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When it comes to tipping your barber, how much should you give? It’s a common question with no easy answer.

There are a few factors to consider when deciding how much to tip your barber. The first is the quality of the haircut. If you’re happy with the results, then a larger tip is in order. If you’re not happy, then you may want to give a smaller tip or no tip at all.

The second factor is the level of service. If your barber went above and beyond to make sure you were happy with your haircut. Then you should consider giving a larger tip. If the service was average, then a smaller tip is probably enough.

The third factor is the price of the haircut. If you paid a high price for your haircut, then you may want to give a smaller tip. If you paid a low price, then a larger tip is appropriate.

If you decide that you would like to tip your barber, then there are a few things that you should do. Read on to find out more!

Tip your barber with a handshake​

How to Handover Money to Your Barber

There are a few things to keep in mind when handing over money to your barber.

First, it is important to give your barber cash as a tip because this is the most common form of payment.

Do not hand over money in an envelope or paper bag. This can feel like a shady transaction and might be a little disrespectful.

It is considered polite to give the money to the person who cut your hair. Do this rather than placing it on the counter or elsewhere. This shows that you appreciate their work and are willing to compensate them.

With these things in mind, follow the steps below to hand over money to your barber.

  1. Determine the value of the bill you will be handing over. If you are unsure, ask the barber before giving them the money.

  2. Give the money directly to the person who cut your hair, rather than placing it on the counter or elsewhere.

  3. Have small bills on hand, as barbers may not be able to make change for a large bill.

  4. Thank the barber for their work.

money to tip barber

How much do you tip your barber?

As a general rule, you should tip your barber 10 to 20 percent of the total bill for a great haircut. If you have a complicated hairstyle or color, you may want to tip a bit more.

The amount of money you give as a tip to your barber is not set in stone. You can always ask the barber how much he thinks is appropriate.

A good way to start this negotiation is by asking the barber how much they usually get. Great, now offer them a little more if they do a great job.

Top 6 Tricks on How To Tip Your Barber Properly

  1. Always tip in cash.

  2. Tip 20% for a great haircut.

  3. Remember, the tip is to show your appreciation for the barber's work. It is not to buy a service they've already provided.

  4. Tip more for extra services like beard trimming or shampooing.

  5. Tip even if you don't like your haircut. It's not always the barber's fault!

  6. Thank your barber before you leave.

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